Matthew Griffiths

Matthew Griffiths is an education provider and personal trainer within the fields of health and fitness. He is an ambassador for CASALL sportswear,  POLAR heart rate monitors, PROCEDOS, BMC Bicycles, Kia Motors, SENSA and VIVOBAREFOOT.
Griffiths has presented his ideas in over 25 countries at events such as Asia Fit, Ihrsa and Filex.  He has also been consulting with companies such as KIA motors, Shell, SAS and Sony.
He developed the 70 workouts in the CASALL T.O.D – Training of the Day which has now over 500,000 users. Griffiths also co-developed the CASALL HIT concept, and is featured in the  CASALL H.I.T IPhone training app. Working as a PROCEDOS Master trainer, he teaches industry professionals and consults for organizations such as Y.M.C.A, AFPT and The Academy PT school. Visit yogobe to download Matthew’s movement and body weight workouts.
He has been used as a reference in several books and publications such as ELLE, MensHealth, GQ, SHAPE magazine, Esquire Vogue, Womens health.


Det är visste du inte om mig?!
I studied fine art. I fell into the training business by accident. I dropped out of college. I was a racing cyclist with no direction. I was given a gym instructor course as a present. Never been in a gym before the course started. Took a gym job as I had no job. Find out later that I was given my first gym job because they were desperate and low on staff. Taking that gym job was the best decision I could ever have made.
I am very grateful for all the opportunities given to me and very happy invited to WORKOUT ÅRE once again!

Jag kommer presentera följande på Workout Åre 2017!