Per Markussen

Per is one of the World’s top International Fitness Presenters and have toured the Globe for over 20 years. As a professional fitness presenter Per has developed a unique way of teaching and combines this with his everlasting enthusiasm, creativity and joy. His main influence is the Scandinavian methodology, which he has modified and developed to his own special system with huge success all over the World. Per is an energetic powerhouse and his unique combination of communication, play and challenge are his trademarks and represents the foundation of his international success! Pers background in street dance, jazz, house and martial arts brings an intense feeling and groove to his educations and masterclasses! Per is Founder and Educator Specialist at Move On Fitness Education School in Romania.


Beskriv din mest minnesvärda träningsupplevelse?
Måste nog vara på Nike Convention Stockholm i Januari 1998 när jag debuterade för förstå gången på den internationale konventscenen. Jag körde en Step klass inför full hall och har nog aldrig varit så nervös i hela mitt liv. Nervösiteten gick snabbt över och jag körde en sjujäkla bra klass med en stämning man kunde ”ta på” – ren MAGI! Resten är historie!;)